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Let Bee-Barb's be your source for KNJ holsters and firearm accessories. Pocket holsters and inside-pants-holsters for concealed carry; chest holsters; modular shoulder holsters; pancake holsters; flap holsters and more. Great quality and great prices. Made in U.S.A

A Ferris Dog
Hot dog with Everything from Ferris' Lunch, 218 Barney Street, Wilkes-Barre. It's only about a 20 yard walk to do your own Ferris vs. Abe taste test.

Bill Clinton admiring his catch.

A hot dog with Everything from Abe's Hot Dogs, 210 Barney Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Check out our KNIVES, SHARPENERS & GADGETS Section for a Great Deal on a Kershaw Model 1080 Skinning Knife. Our Technical Advisor field tested one of these during an actual deer hunt where there was a harvest, loved it, and now uses one on a regular basis. A nice, light and compact knife that will get the job done.

Here is another fishing picture out of the history books.

We left the confines of Clarks Valley the week of 7/26 and fished some locations around Ocean City, MD. We caught a mixed bag of croaker, kingfish, black sea bass, spots, grunts and small flounder. We fished Assateague beach (the state park), Manklin Creek, Gudelsky Park (locals call it “Stinky Beach”), the small fishing dock at the Verrazano Bridge, and the bulkhead at the South Point Rd. boat launch. The flounder were mainly caught on minnows. The croakers (down there they call them “hard heads”) and everything else were primarily caught on small pieces of squid and two hook spot/croaker rigs. The best rigs had size 4 or 6 spinner hooks with some attractor beads. We used rigs tied by SeaStriker, or tied our own using 30 lb fluorocarbon and some Bear Paw snelled spinner hooks. A swivel on one end and a snap for easy sinker changing, and you set. Gudelsky was the best location on the early a.m. low tide. Easily 15-20 croakers each time there, using just enough weight to cast out to the edge of a nearby channel that the boats use. Keeping the line somewhat taut and twitching the rod slightly seemed to provide optimal results. A special shout out to Buck’s Place (443-513-4661), a friendly bait/tackle shop, general store, deli, crab restaurant and bar on the road to Assateague. They can hook you up with a fishing license too and beach stuff. Speaking of fishing licenses, you will need one if fishing Maryland’s bays and coastal shorelines. You will need one for crabbing too, under various circumstances. On about day four of our trip a Maryland DNR officer pinched two guys fishing near us for not having licenses, so pick one up at Buck’s or purchase one online before you go down. A 7 day recreational crabbing license and a bay and coastal fishing license set us back a total of $22.00, which is a lot less than the fine those guys paid. They probably had a few short croakers too, which did not help.

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Lynch’s Jet Turkey Call (Model 100)

The Lynch Jet is the slate call that all others were born from. Very compact and yet is highly effective at duplicating the various sounds made by turkey hens. Carefully handmade of select mahogany and slate, the Jet is simple to operate with sounds being made and tone/volume that can be varied by moving the peg striker various ways across the slate. For example, a circular motion creates a yelp. The opposite side of the slate base is a hollow cavity that acts as a small “speaker” as the base is held cupped in your hand. Base measures only 3 1/8 x 1 ¾ x 5/8 inches.

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Tip of the Day
Free Bait From Composting: Composting is a great way to not only produce excellent organic material for your gardens and flowerbeds, but any compost bed is a natural bait producer as well yielding worms and grubs upon turning over those rotting lawn clippings and kitchen scraps. You can easily make a compost enclosure or bed by pounding some fence posts or scrap lumber into the ground to comprise the corners and then walling that off by stapling on chicken wire or galvanized fencing material. Make a gate with some more scrap boards and a little more chicken wire, and you are good to go. A good “start-up” size can be 3 x 3 x 3, or in that neighborhood.
Bragging Board
Garden State Largemouth: Nice bass caught by our Technical Advisor on 6/29/13 on a Kelly's Reveille Jr. plastic bait while fishing a Warren County farm pond.
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Pennsylvania Pheasant Hunt: Our Technical Advisor with a couple of ringnecks taken November 2013 in Dauphin County. Definitely strong assists from his friend Bob and Bob’s German Shorthair Pointer, Briar.
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Fall Smallmouth Action: John Murphy with an 18 inch "smallie" caught 10/20/12 on a nightcrawler in the Suzy Q River near the HIA.
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Braggin' Good Pies: A couple of fresh baked and home grown strawberry/rhubarb pies with rhubarb from our garden and strawberries from our neighbor. Mighty good eatin’!
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NICE SMALLY!: Hunter George with a 22” Pennsylvania smallmouth bass, caught from Sherman’s Creek late spring 2014 using a black/white Rebel crawdad.
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EVERETT DAY AND FRIENDS: Everett Day and company posing with a nice catch of drum, etc. Rockport, Texas, 7/27/12.
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TEXAS BLACK DRUM: Texas Black Drum: Zach Javore and black drum, with estimated weight of 40 pounds, caught and released 3/15/14, south of Baffin Bay.
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SUSQUEHANNA SMALLMOUTH: 16 inch smallmouth bass caught on a nightcrawler by Zombo on 8/11/12. North Front Street, Harrisburg.
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PA POND CATFISH: Our Technical Advisor, Zombo, with a 29 inch channel cat that was caught using 4 LB test line and a shiner, while bank fishing a Harrisburg area orchard’s irrigation pond. Circa 1992. It took 2 hours to land the fish, carefully letting it run and walking and/or running it up and down the shoreline. After taking it home for a few photos, the fish was later returned to the pond in a cooler full of water and released.
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